When we first got interested in hewing bowls, we looked to find some information about "how to" -- and were amazed to find nothing written about this craft.  Needless to say, years later when the Schiffer Publishing Company contacted us about  our doing some books, we were excited about the opportunity. 

            There are two books, authored by us and published by Schiffer; we offer them at a price of $16.95 each.  (Plus tax in Tennessee and shipping & handling @$5.00 each.)


The first book is Sculpting Traditional Bowls and is the right book for anyone who is interested in beginning bowl-hewing.  The design is a traditional Appalachian style, with straight sides and flat bottom, making it easier for the beginning hewer.
Our second book Hewing Modern Bowls is a more complicated style -- that of an octagon -- with curved sides, so is a more exacting style more suited to a person who has more experience with hewing bowls.

Our specially-designed adz is made to Rip's design by a master tool-maker. The adzes are available from us. We do also sell custom-made adzes at our studio.
Please call to inquire about them