You are Cordially Invited to visit
Our Working Studio

111 Ocoee St.
Copperhill, Tenn. 37317

We are one of a number of working studios in the Maloof Building in downtown Copperhill, Tenn.  All of the artists in the building must have their working studio here for people to be able to visit and watch the art being created.  We encourage visitors, with the only caveat being that you should call before traveling any great distance, as each person keeps their own schedule. 

We are excited about our studio, as it is not only a wonderful, light-filled place in which Rip can work and create, but it also is a terrific place for us to hold our Bowl-Hewing Classes!  We have already held a number of classes here, and both students and instructor enjoy the reaction from the townspeople.  As there are full-length windows the whole length of one wall, people outside and in the restaurant across the street can watch the progress as it happens.  (Please go to our Class Registration for more information and a schedule of upcoming classes.)

Several of the other artists also do teaching at their studios in our building, so it enables couples who are interested in both taking classes to do so.  In addition to our craft, there are classes available currently in stained glass and pottery/clay sculpture.  Feel free to contact us if this would suit you as well.